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Owner/President: Lake Mary, FL

Ms. Hubbard was raised on a small ten acre farm in the woods of Brooksville, Florida, with lots of animals. She’s actively cared for a variety of pets since she was a small child. These early experiences impacted her in a profound way. Later, she noticed a distinct lack of animal care in her area when owners traveled on vacation. The owners often boarded their pets with a vet, typically in cages. Wildcat asked, “Who wants to stay in a cage all day?” The answer – No one!

She has handled horses, rabbits, ferrets, cats, dogs, birds, hamsters and gerbils. Years ago, Christi discovered an ability to catch and hold any animal whether feral or domestic, regardless of bites and claws. She’s also hand raised animal babies that were abandoned, sick or just taken too soon from their mother to ensure their health and well being. Her love of animals is partially the reason she earned the moniker “Wildcat”.  She also showed the tenacity of a wild cat in her fighting techniques during her police academy training, so “Wildcat” was a natural fit.

Throughout her adult life, Ms. Hubbard has gained a lot of different understanding through a lot of diverse work experiences. Ms. Hubbard has worked in Law Enforcement, and has two associates degree, one in Law Enforcement and the other in Criminology. She has earned multiple certificates and gathered a long line of military connections, which include her dad, a Marine, her nephew in the Air Force, a cousin and brother in law both in the Army. A father in law also retired from the Navy. Wildcat Hubbard worked for three years for the local Sheriffs office. For fifteen years, she worked as a receptionist, then two years as a teller. After that, she spent five years in security. She’s also done house and pet sitting and volunteering.

Mark Mark Myers: Lake Mary, FL

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 VP of IT Specialist
Web consult/Security Specialist

Computer Techs Castle, LLC

Computer Techs Castle, LLC is a computer company in Lake Mary, Florida, that serves individuals and businesses. We specialize in computer, server, and VoIP installations, though we also offer custom Ethernet cabling and computer repairs. In addition, we have Security Specialists that can provide all encompassing computer security and internet security services. With more than 15 years of experience, we provide quality service in order to exceed your expectations. Our customers choose us because of our affordable prices and top-of-the-line equipment.


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  1. Brian Romig says:

    I am new to the Lake Mary area and looking for places to board my golden retriever. Please let me know if you offer boarding this coming weekend (May 29-Jun 1).

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